3-Day Stunt Driving School (Sebring Florida)

From USD $3,200.00
  • Duration: 3 Days (approx.)
  • Product code: PQTC0T


Your 3-day Stunt Driving School begins with a welcome introduction, an in-depth briefing and classroom session. Once complete, you will head to the track to begin breaking old habits. Once we've established a baseline, you will learn or refine your focal point and peripheral vision discipline, basic stunt maneuvers including: forward slalom, forward 180's, reverse 180's and the infamous sliding 90's. 

Each manuever will be completed within a confined area and you will be given a specific mark to hit. Once confidently hitting your mark, you will link all maneuvers together and begin to understand timing and driver compensation. Day 2 ends in a final exam on a purpose built stunt driving course. 

Day 3 begins with an introduction to more advanced concepts in our team driving and proprietary sliding course. An overview of handbrake and throttle manipulations will prepare you for both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive drifting courses. The 3-Day school will culminate with drifting intersections in a rear-wheel drive vehicle. 


- Focal point discipline
- Peripheral vision considerations
- Proper steering techniques
- Slalom techniques
- Forward 180s on mark
- Sliding 90s on mark
- High-speed backing
- Reverse 180s
- Proximity driving
- Synergistic driving
- Testing on full stunt course

- Team driving on cue
- Proprietary sliding course
- Intuitive compensation
- Handbrake manipulation 
- Throttle manipulation
- Horseshoe drifting
- Flying 90s
- Drifting intersections

Essential Information

Maximum Participants: Total group size will vary

Age Requirements: Participants must be 18 years old with a valid license

Weather Dependent: Your Stunt Driving School is NOT weather dependent. We will run rain or shine.

What to Wear: Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for weather conditions and closed toed shoes. Ladies, no elevated heels.


Why choose Bobby Ore Motorsports? 
Bobby Ore has been in the motorsports business for nearly 40 years; the name behind many of the stunts in some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. With 13 world records, many still standing today, Ore's reputation within the film industry is second to none. 

Who teaches the Bobby Ore Motorsports Stunt Driving School?
Bobby Ore is the lead instructor. All other instructors have been personally trained at a professional level by Bobby Ore and have varied backgrounds that include film, television, and law enforcement.

When are your Stunt Driving Schools offered?
Bobby Ore Motorsports Stunt Driving Schools are offered year-round at three convenient locations. 

What does the price include?
The price includes all course materials and the use of all necessary equipment. We provide the vehicles.
You are responsible for your own travel, accommodations, and meals. We have relationships with nearby hotels which offer reduced rates for Bobby Ore Motorsports participants. 

Is there an age requirement for the Stunt Driving School?
Participants must be at least 18-years-old and possess a current, valid driver's license. 

Do I need any prior experience?
No experience is needed. 

Will I be in the car alone while I am driving?
Initially, you will be driving with an instructor in the passenger seat providing coaching and feedback. Once the instructed maneuver is demonstrated with proficiency, you will drive alone or with another student. 

Does this license me as a professional stunt driver?
No. There is no licensing body for stunt driver's. The Bobby Ore Motorsports Stunt Driving School will show you what you can expect from a career in stunt driving. You will be taught stunt driving maneuvers, but there are many other skills and prerequisites that are required to become a professional stunt driver. We do NOT guarantee work in the industry. 

Are photos and videos allowed during the school?
While our focus is on student proficiency in each maneuver, we will gladly take photos and videos for keepsakes and demo reels. Simply ask your instructor and they will assure the best angle for the chosen shot. 

Are travel and accomodations included?
Although our facilities do not include travel and lodging accomodations, we will provide directions and local hotel listings in the participant's confirmation packet. 

What if I need to rent a car while in the area?
Atlanta International, Orlando International and LAX have all of the national rental car companies. 

Can I bring a guest?
Participants are welcome to bring one non-driving guest at no additional charge. Guests must be pre-registered and will NOT be permitted to drive or ride with you during the experience. You can register your guest by calling the Bobby Ore Motorsports team at 863-655-9292.

Are mounted cameras allowed inside or outside the vehicles?
Due to safety concerns and insurance requirements, Bobby Ore Motorsports does not allow any type of participant owned recording device to be used inside of our vehicles during stunt driving schools. This includes, but not limited to cell phones, cameras, GoPros etc. If a specific shot is required, Bobby Ore Motorsports will provide the cameras/mounts. 

Can I purchse beverages while at the track?
Cold water is made available at the track. 

What should I wear? 
Please dress comfortably; seasonal attire is recommended. We also recommend you wear closed-toe soft-soled shoes for each day of your stunt driving school or stunt driving experience. You will get dirty. Keep in mind that you will be outdoors for most/all of your program and we highly recommend sunscreen and hats. While sunglasses are acceptable, you will not be permitted to wear them while driving. We will continue to drive through inclement weather so please plan accordingly.